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Business Startup Project Management Services firm offering customized services to meet your business and investment needs in Panama!



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Certified Public Accountant in Panama! FATCA inquiries contact us!


Panama business services for investors and companies, Setting up business or relocating to Panama we can guide you through the maze

panama-mazeWe have a top-notch network of professional in Panama, in several areas such as Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Law, Accounting, Contractors, etc. Our business model in Panama, is unique in that we are affiliated with a variety of accredited local professional firms in Panama. We also count with a healthcare network to assist you with your health clearance. Our business model allows us to qualify and negotiate fees in advance. Our clients receive the most competitive rates in the market with the best outcomes and personalized customer support. We offer relocation services which are not limited to;

• Coordination of look and see trips to the country. • Coordination of house hunting trips. • Prepare, review and negotiate lease contracts and lease renewals. • Proactively assist clients with all queries and provide them with feedback. • Transition assistance and intercultural guidance. • Support with schooling, banking and transportation needs. • Real estate market analysis. • Coordination of departure services for expats moving out of Panama.

Banking Services in Panama

bank-panamaWe assist you in the opening of bank accounts for private individuals and companies. We closely monitor the opening process so that all necessary documentation is processed as efficiently as possible.

We will assist you in choosing the most convenient bank in the most convenient location based on your individual and/or business needs.

Services range from providing assistance with a client’s application for a banking license to drafting the loan and security documentation associated with a complex financing transaction.

We do offer accounting services to manage the client’s bank accounts in Panama.

Also, we offer Escrow Account Services.

Is my money safe in Panama?

panama-moneyMost modern banking jurisdictions have very strict and stringent regulations in place to ensure liquidity and the safety of depositors.

These regulations or systems may be different from what you’re used to, in Panama the Superintendence of Banks exists to regulate local banking and to ensure stringent accounting practices.

Establishing an offshore bank account in Panama

panama-trustAn offshore bank account is an account which is held in the jurisdiction that is noted for its legislation, which favors a tax-free environment.

Such accounts are open reasons such as; asset protection, private banking, e-commerce, international investments, as well as the access to foreign currencies which may not be available in the jurisdiction in which the person resides.

  • Greater privacy
  • Low or no taxation
  • Offshore Asset Protection
  • Diversification of your personal or corporate banking structure 

panama-propertyConstruction Management in Panama

  • Design Coordination (A&E, Interiors, etc.)
  • Construction Management Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Coordination
  • Inspection, Oversight and Progress Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Your Local Agent in Panama

  • Local Business Representation
  • Local Sales Representation
  • Local Market Representation

We have offices in the United States (Miami, Fl) and in Panama, Republic of Panamá. We are incorporated (LLC) in the US and have a legal entity (SA) in Panama. We speak English and Spanish.

Let’s schedule a conference call to better understand your needs while doing business in Panama! Contact us today!



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Courier 900 SW 8th Street APT 1404 Miami, FL 33130 (Miami Courier Address)

Adrees Address: Plaza Balboa Suite #3 Paitilla, San Francisco, Panama City, Rep. of Panama

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