Doing Business in Panama

Doing Business in Panama

Panama has historically served as the crossroads of trade for the Americas. Its strategic location as a bridge between two oceans and the meeting of two continents has made Panama not only a maritime and air transport hub, but also an international trading, banking, and services center. Panama’s global and regional prominence is being enhanced by recent trade liberalization and privatization, and it is participating actively in the hemispheric movement toward free trade agreements. Panama’s dollar-based economy offers low inflation in comparison with neighboring countries and zero foreign exchange risk. Its government is stable and democratic and actively seeks foreign investment in all sectors, especially services, tourism and retirement properties.

Panama’s economy is based primarily on a well-developed services sector, accounting for about 75% of GDP. Services include the Panama Canal, banking, the Colon Free Zone, insurance, container ports, and flagship registry. Panama is currently engaged in the Panama Canal expansion project. This project, in conjunction with the expansion of the capacities of its ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, will solidify Panama’s global logistical advantage in the Western Hemisphere.

This logistical platform has aided the success of the Colon Free Zone (CFZ), the second largest in the world after Hong Kong, which has become a vital trading and transshipment center serving the region and the world. CFZ imports – a broad array of luxury goods, electronic products, clothing, and other consumer products – arrive from all over the world to be resold, repackaged, and reshipped, primarily to regional markets. Because of this product mix, U.S. brand market share is significant, even if most of those products are made in Asia. Hong Kong is the CFZ’s biggest supplier, while Colombia and Ecuador are the two largest destinations for exports from the CFZ.

The U.S. is Panama’s most important trading partner and U.S. products enjoy a high degree of acceptance in Panama. In 2011, U.S. exports to Panama grew 36% to $8.25 billion – in no small part due to the fact that Panama’s economy grew 10.5%.  U.S. goods and services enjoy a reputation for high quality and are highly competitive.

International indexes generally rate Panama as one of the best countries in Latin America for business and investment.

Doing Business in Panama

  • Panama Corporation Set Up – Business Startup
  • Panama Banking and Brokerage Introductions
  • Panama Feasibility and Marketing Studies
  • Panama Business Plans and Financial Analysis
  • Panama Budgeting & Cash Flow Projections
  • Panama New Business Licensing
  • Bidding and Liaison Services
  • Panama Project Management
  • Recruitment, Hiring and Personnel in Panama
  • Management & Administrative Services
  • Panama Logistics Services
  • Contractor & Sub-Contractor Coordination
  • Other third Party Coordination 

Legal Services in Panama

  • Panama Corporations (including Offshore)
  • Panama Private Asset Foundations
  • Panama Immigrant Visas (all types)
  • Panama Real Estate Law
  • Other Legal Services, as Required

Expertly Managed 

What distinguishes Savvy Link from other service provider companies is that all of our clients are partnered with senior Savvy Link consultants who are able to provide ongoing consultation and support in procuring the right business structure for you or your workforce.

Our business model is unique in that we are affiliated with a variety of accredited local professional firms. This business model allows us to qualify and negotiate fees in advance. Our clients will receive the most competitive rates in the market with the best outcomes and personalized customer support.

Our people, processes and technology are focused on the same thing: achieving successful outcomes for your business.

Upfront Advice

Savvy Link is able to provide you, your business or your expats with free, no-obligation professional consultation. During this consultation we will advise the most appropriate visa categories for you or your business needs. We will provide you with frank and honest business advice and point out any issues that you may face.

In the event that you or your business is not eligible for the type of visa you need for you or your employees, we will tell you so. This will save you the time and expense of making an application which will ultimately not be successful.

Flat Fees Mean Predictable Costs

At Savvy Link we have developed a fixed cost structure so that you are fully informed of the costs involved in obtaining a Panamanian visa or the cost associated with the immigration process. You won’t be charged for time spent communicating with us or according to an hourly rate. You will not be ambushed by any hidden charges.

We manage your company or business in Panamá

Our clients include local businesses, multinational corporations, public and private institutions. References are available upon request.

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    • Tourist Visa Application
    • Application for Tourist Visa Extension
    • Extension Request for Change Immigration Category
    • Marino Visa Application
    • Transient Visa Application or Contingent Workers
    • Visa Application for Domestic Workers
    • Application for Short Stay Visa
    • Application for Short Stay Visa for Business
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    • Application for Short Stay Visa for the Banking Sector
    • Visa Application Passengers and Crews for Purposes of Recreation or Tourism
    • Visa Extension Application for Transit Passengers or Crew Members
  • I. Working in Panama Reasons:
    • Foreign hired by the National Government or autonomous or semiautonomous entities
    • Foreign hired by companies under contract with the Government
    • Foreign hired as an Executive by a company of the Colon Free Zone
    • Foreign hired by a private companies within the 10% of regular Panamanian ordinary staff
    • Foreign hired as Expert or Technician within the 15% of the specialized personnel
    • Foreign remunerated (paid) abroad who do not have Diplomatic Status
    • Staff hired as a correspondent for the international press, radio or television paid remunerated (paid) abroad
    • Foreign hired by companies under the Marrakech Agreement
    • As Professional in the Sport field
    II. Investment Reasons:
    • Agrarian Investor
    • Reforestation Investor
    III. Special Policies:
    • Foreign hired by Motion and Audiovisual Industry companies
    • Investigator of the City of Knowledge Foundation
    • Professor of the City of Knowledge Foundation
    • Business or Executive of the City of Knowledge Foundation
    • Technician of the City of Knowledge Foundation
    • Student of the City of Knowledge Foundation
    • Foreign Contracted by the Panama Canal Authority
    • Staff employed by the Area of Panama Pacifico
    • Worker of the Area of Panama Pacifico for foreigners hired by companies, developers, operators or agencies of the Area of Panama Pacifico, to work as specialized staff in technical and / or administration, as a percentage of less than fifteen percent (15%) of the ordinary Panamanian workers
    • Worker of the Area of Panama Pacifico for foreigners engaged in positions of trust or confidence hired by companies of the Area of Panama Pacifico that are exclusively dedicated to maintain offices to conduct transactions that perfect, consummated or take effect abroad
    • Worker of the Area of Panama Pacifico for foreigners who work in the service of companies with fewer than ten employees
    • Workers hired in positions of trust or confidence, executives, experts and / or specialists, companies in export processing zones
    • Workers hired in positions of trust or confidence, executives, experts and / or specialists, in Call Centers for the exportation of the commercial
    • Worker executives hired by international companies, whose functions have effects abroad
    • Workers employed by multinational headquarters
    IV. Education Reasons:
    • Temporary Permit for Education Reasons
    V. Religious Reasons:
    •  As religious service of the Catholic and Orthodox Church
    • As Lay missionary service of the Catholic and Orthodox Church
    • As a student for the services of the Catholic and Orthodox Church
    • As officials, ministers, rabbis, pastors, leaders or religious of other denominations or religious associations
    VI. Family Reunification:
    • Temporary Resident Permit for Family Reunification
  • I. For Reasons Economics:
    • Reforestation Investor
    • Macro-Business Investor
    • Economic Solution for Open Time Deposit
    • Economic Solution for Investment in Real Estate
    • Economic Solution for Mixed Investment (Time Deposit and Real Estate)
    II. Special Policy:
    • Retired Annuitant
    • Retired Pensioner
    • Permanent staff employed by the Panama Canal Authority
    • Economic Investor in the Area of Panama Pacifico
    • Workers Permit in the Area of Panama Pacifico within ten percent (10%) of ordinary workers of a company, the developer or operator
    • Investor in Export Processing Zones
    • Investor in Call Centers for the exportation of the commercial
    • Investor in the Film and Audiovisual Industry
    III. Demographic Reasons:
    • Married with a National (Panamanian) for a Family Reunification Purposes
    • Dependent of a Permanent Resident for a Family Reunification Purposes
    • Alien with Panamanian Children for a Family Reunification Purposes
    IV. By Special Laws:
    • Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Italy
    • National Foreign of Specific Countries maintaining Friendly, Professional, Economic and Investment Relations with the Republic of Panama
    • In Quality Professional Foreign
    • In Quality of Diplomatic and Member of International Organizations of countries maintaining friendly diplomatic relations with the Republic of Panama, who no longer serve in their respective positions
  • It all starts with a free interview, if you have not arrived to Panama we will connect via Skype. The purpose of this initial interview is to understand your needs and purpose in Panama. In this way we will advise you on the type of visa, bank, medical plan, etc. that best meets your needs.

    Why us?

    Our staff has experienced the entire process of transferring to Panama. From moving goods, shipping automobile, migration, driver’s license, bank account, health and business insurance, searching for a house and school of infants and children, establishing legal societies and commercial agreements, purchase and sale of real estate, etc. In short, we know each and every step to settle in Panama.

    With our experience and legal support of any of our professional network of successful law firms in Panama, we will save you time and money in the process of establishing your business or company in Panama. Our goal is to facilitate the process, which in all honesty is long and frustrating. So your migration and move to panama will be an easier, painless and enjoyable process. Let us assist you, avoid unnecessary rows, do not lose workdays and time. Contact us as soon as possible, you won’t be disappointed!


PDF Immigration Permits Requirements – Nonresidents

PDF Decreto Ejecutivo